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Population Genomics and the Genetic Basis of Adaptive Evolution

Laboratory of Genetics, University of Wisconsin - Madison

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SEP 2015
* John's paper on natural selection shaping the ancestry of North American D. melanogaster is online at MBE (LINK).  More papers coming soon - check the Publications page.

JAN 2015
* Our
Drosophila Genome Nexus paper is published by Genetics (PDF). 

DEC 2014
The Pool Lab welcomes Jeremy Lange as a new PhD student.

AUG 2014
* Our paper on environmental correlates of Drosophila pigmentation was published.

JUN 2014
* Our "Drosophila Genome Nexus" has >600 consistently aligned D. melanogaster genomes. 
* The Pool Lab welcomes Quentin Sprengelmeyer as a new PhD student.
* Congratulations to
Nicole Bangart, Evan Johanning, and Jeremy Lange on their graduation.
* The lab receives a five year R01 grant from NIH/NIGMS.

JUN 2013
Justin receives an NIH Kirschstein postdoctoral fellowship.

JAN 2013
The Pool Lab welcomes two new postdocs - Héloïse Bastide and Amir Yassin.

DEC 2012
Our new Drosophila population genomics study is published at PLoS Genetics.

OCT 2012
Ryuichi receives a postdoctoral fellowship
from the government of Japan.

AUG 2012
Justin receives a GSTP postdoc traineeship.

JUN 2012
Justin Lack arrives as a new postdoc.

JAN 2012
Ryuichi Sugino arrives as a new postdoc.

SEP 2011
The lab is born!