Yunga Cruz Trek

After a long and dusty bus ride, we reached the mountain village of Chuñavi and began our unguided trek.

After having lunch at this stone gate, we had to move aside and let this flock move cautiously past.

We felt the need to lighten our load, so these shepard boys got a bonanza of crayons, balloons, stickers, and toys which they promised to share with the other kids.

Fog drifting up the mountainsides was a constant as we moved through altitudes of 3500 - 4000 m (11500 - 13000 ft).

The gradual climbing in this part of the trek was quite tiring due to the very thin air.  We pause for a break with Andes peaks in the background.

The Incas knew how to make a trail last - we followed their stonework all the way down.  Here our path vanishes into the mist.

I saw at least 15 types of lichen on this rock.

Fuschia-like flowers draped from vines as we descended from the open mountainsides into the densely verdant cloud forest.

The trail was worn deeply into the Earth.  Thick vegetation sometimes made tunnels - the machete was a useful item to have along.

Looking at Amanda through tree fern foliage.

Amanda passes under a bamboo vine arch and a richly draped tree branch, in a misty scene with tree ferns in the background.

Large bromeliads perched in a line.

After the trek, we relaxed at Apa Apa - cloudforest reserve and dairy farm.  Here the Daschund playfully shows one of the Great Danes who's the top dog.

The yellow-tailed bird on the right is an Oropendola.  They make incredible sounds and hanging nests like the one on the left.

Not a bad life - a cow pauses from mowing the lawn to drink from an ornate fountain.

Three spiky blooms in the Apa Apa cloudforest.

Vines wrap around vines as they coil upward.