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John Pool
John Pool
John started the lab in 2011. 
Prior to that, he did postdoctoral research with Chuck Langley (UC Davis) and Rasmus Nielsen (UC Berkeley & Copenhagen), and graduate study with Chip Aquadro (Cornell).  
At UW Madison, he is affiliated with the
Laboratory of Genetics and the Genetics PhD program, the Zoology graduate program, the
J. F. Crow Institute for the Study of Evolution, and the Genome Sciences Training Program.

Yuheng Huang

Yuheng is analyzing RNAseq data to uncover gene expression and alternative splicing differences between populations.  His PhD work on Drosophila experimental evolution was with Aneil Agrawal at the University of Toronto.
PhD Students:

Jeremy Lange
Jeremy Lange


Jeremy is a Genetics PhD student interested in applications of math and statistics to biology, and population genetics in particular.  He has evaluated a new haplotype statistic for detecting local adaptation, and he's currently examining the effects of natural selection on demographic inference.
Quentin Sprengelmeyer

Quentin is a student in the Genetics PhD Program working on the genetics of adaptation.  His projects include QTL mapping, population genomics, and CRISPR genome editing.  He earned a masters degree working on loon phylogenomics with Alec Lindsay at Northern Michigan.

Chris McAllester

Chris is a Genetics PhD student interested in using theory and computation to answer evolutionary questions.  He is currently investigating a new model for inversion maintenance. As an undergraduate at Cornell, he did computational research on transcription factor binding sites with Robert Reed.

Tiago Ribeiro

Tiago is a Zoology PhD student interested in the genetics of adaptation and the histories of natural populations.  He received a Masters degree from the University of So Paulo working with Christina Miyaki.

Audrey Simard
Audrey is actually a postbac now (Genetics 2017) who has researched the connections between Drosophila pigmentation and desiccation tolerance.  She has done past research at UW Parkside.

Ishita Aghi Ishita is a Biology and Economics major who is researching the effect of UV on fly pigmentation.

Vedika Ramesh Vedika is a Genetics major who is  analyzing population genomic data to assess the evidence for local adaptation on olfactory receptor genes.

Kaylin Ellioff Kaylin is a Genetics major who has helped maintain our fly stocks.

Kristy Crivello
Kristy is a Geological Engineering and French major who working on Drosophila crosses.

Jorge Garnica
Jorge is a Biology major who is helping maintain our fly stocks.

Lab alumni:

Amir Yassin - CNRS-funded faculty member at the National Museum of Natural History, Paris
Hlose Bastide - postdoctoral researcher with Violaine Llaurens at the Museum in Paris
Justin Lack - computational biologist at the National Cancer Institute
Ryuichi Sugino - computational biologist at Saitama Cancer Center

Davorka Gulisija - postdoctoral researcher with Joshua Plotkin at University of Pennsylvania

Undergraduates who finished their UW careers in the Pool Lab:
Nicole Bangart (2014)
Evan Johanning (2014)
Dylan Braun (2015)
Ben Groth (2017)
Grant Hoppel (2017)
Matt Monette (2017)
Audrey Simard (2017)

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