John Pool
John Pool

John started the lab in 2011.  Prior to that, he did postdocs with Chuck Langley (UC Davis) and Rasmus Nielsen (UC Berkeley & Copenhagen), and a PhD with Chip Aquadro (Cornell).  At UW-Madison, he is affiliated with the Laboratory of Genetics and the Genetics PhD program, the Department of Integrative Biology and its graduate program, the J. F. Crow Institute for the Study of Evolution, the Center for Genomic Science Innovation, and the Genome Sciences Training Program.
Research Staff:

John Pool
Jamie Freeman

Jamie joined the lab after gaining experience as an undergraduate, masters student, and lab manager in Jeff Scott's lab at Cornell, where she studied insecticide resistance in house flies.  Here, she is bringing order to the lab, and researching the contribution of geographic diversity to adaptive potential.
John Pool
Max Shpak

Dr. Shpak joined the lab having already published extensively in evolutionary genetics.  He has been a cancer genomics researcher, a professor (UTEP), a postdoc with Sergey Gavrilets (U. Tenn.), a PhD student with Gunter Wagner (Yale), and an undergrad researcher with Alexei Kondrashov (then at Cornell). He is currently doing population genomics on museum fly genomes.
PhD Students:

Chris McAllester

Chris is a Genetics PhD student interested in using theory and computation to answer evolutionary questions.  He is currently investigating a new model for inversion maintenance. As an undergraduate at Cornell, he did computational research on transcription factor binding sites with Robert Reed.

Tiago Ribeiro

Tiago is an Integrative Biology PhD student.  He is researching the genetic architecture of adaptive trait evolution and the utility of SNP-level differentiation for detecting local adaptation.  He received a masters degree from the University of So Paulo working with Christina Miyaki.

Matt Lollar

Matt is a Genetics PhD student interested in behavioral evolution and reproductive isolation.  He is investigating the genetic basis of  hybrid breakdown in male mating success within D. melanogaster.  He did masters research on fly behavior with Janis O'Donnell at the University of Alabama.

Siyuan Feng

Siyuan is a Genetics PhD student interested in altitude adaptation and the integration of population and functional genomics.  He is currently analyzing population genomic data from the agricultural pest Drosophila suzukii.  His masters research was advised by Mingzhou Li at Sichuan Agricultural University.

Myron Child

Myron is a Genetics PhD student interested in reproductive isolation and its relationship with adaptive evolution.  He is investigating the mechanisms underlying hybrid breakdown in male mating success within D. melanogaster.  Before arriving at UW-Madison, Myron worked in the labs of Dean Castillo (then at Utah) and Hernan Garcia (Berkeley).

Eleyna Escobedo
Eleyna is a class of 2023 Life Science Communication major.

Cody Knepprath
Cody is a class of 2023 Evolutionary Biology major.

Boqin Yang
Boqin is a class of 2025 Microbiology and Biochemistry major.

Ibad Daulatabadi
Ibad is a class of 2025 Genetics & Genomics major.

Lab alumni (and year finished):

Ryuichi Sugino (2014) - computational biologist at Saitama Cancer Center
Justin Lack (2015) - computational biologist at the National Institutes of Health
Hlose Bastide (2016)- faculty member at University of Paris-Sud & CNRS Gif-sur-Yvette
Amir Yassin (2016) - faculty member at CNRS Gif-sur-Yvette
Yuheng Huang (2019) - postdoc at UC-Irvine with Grace Lee
Maud Duranton (2021) - researcher at Ifremer, Montpellier, FR

PhD students:
Jeremy Lange (2021) - computational biologist at Genus Plc / ABS Global
Quentin Sprengelmeyer (2021) - visiting professor at Beloit College

Davorka Gulisija (2013) - faculty member at the University of New Mexico
Murillo Rodrigues (2018) - PhD student at the University of Oregon with Andrew Kern and Peter Ralph
Juliana Cordeiro (2019) - faculty member at Universidade Federal de Pelotas (Brazil)
Samantha Vold (2020) - Life Sciences Communication graduate student at UW-Madison

Undergraduates who finished their UW careers in the Pool Lab:
Nicole Bangart (2014)
Evan Johanning (2014) - Lab Supervisor at Assurance Drug Testing
Dylan Braun (2015) - Scientist at Thermo Fisher
Ben Groth (2017) - PhD Student at UC Davis
Grant Hoppel (2017)
- Science Teacher
Matt Monette (2017) - Medical student at Des Moines University
Audrey Simard (2017) - PhD Student at Penn State
Vedika Ramesh (2018)
- Genetic Counseling Assistant at Cleveland Clinic
Tim Biewer-Heisler (2019) - PhD student at Indiana University
Daria Ghorbanpoor (2020) - Dental student at University of Michigan
Clarice Danen (2021) - Genetic Counseling Intern at Marshfield Clinic
Olivia Gargulak (2021)
Zach Johnson (2021) - Conservation Geneticist at West Virginia Zoo